Thursday, January 15, 2015

Goodleg Toys Presents The Masters of the Underworld

    You ever see professional wrestlers when they stop competing and they don't have to work out 13 times a day?  They shrivel right up and look like normal dudes.  When you're a skeleton you really have to stay up on your fitness game or you deflate like an untied balloon.  Just look at my boy Skeletor here.  Bro stops chasing He-Man around and he loses his physique.  Personally, I think he was juicing the whole time, but I'm not trying to get a lawsuit thrown my way.  I can't afford those legal fees.

     Goodleg Toys is proud to present their newest mash-up entitled Masters of the Underworld.  You can pick one of these carded versions for $65 (limited to 5 pieces each) or one of the $40 bagged versions (5 one colored pieces and 5 two color pieces).  They go on sale January 15th at 11am GMT time only through

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