Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Pushead's Snotblower Verdigris Edition from Medicom

    Oh, I'm a sucker for a good patina and this my friends, is A-1 Antiques Roadshow grade.  Not to mention the figure itself is quite stunning/disturbing.  If you bought a house and found something that looked like this wrapped up in stained linen behind the basement stairs you should legally be allowed to burn the place down and get your money back.  

    Thankfully this figure from Pushead is made from plastic and not the biological remnants of some weirdo's enemies.  That's not to imply that it won't prevent your kids from sleeping until they move away to college, but the only permanent damage will be mental and not to their eternal souls.  

   I want one of these pretty badly, so I'm gonna go ahead and officially start my Christmas list for this year with this at the top of it.  You can get one for about $134 in hard American currency when it goes on sale this Saturday, January 24th through  They are based in Japan, so you might wanna consult the world clock and get your timing down so you don't miss it.  

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