Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Boshi Neko "Foofy" edition from Candie Bolton x Grody Shogun


    This toy is giving me mad flashbacks to back to school shopping for Trapper Keepers and trying on jeans for hours until my spirit was as chafed as my legs and being promised that I could get McDonalds if I didn't complain too much.  Do they even still make Trapper Keepers, cause those things were the best.  Except when those plastic little rings that held your papers started to wear out and wouldn't close all the way, or when you ripped one of the pockets and all your stuff would fall out.  Never mind, those things sucked.

    I don't know what kind of substances Lisa Frank needed to create her seizure inducing world of bright colors and baby animals, but you can't convince me they were made with a sober mind.  Candie Bolton has perfectly recreated that look with this Boshi Neko edition she has named after her own kitty.  It has that perfect ratio of "I'm adorable" and "I will murder you in your sleep", which is a delicate balance indeed.  These are available for preorder right now from through June 1st or until the allotment runs out.


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