Thursday, May 5, 2016

The Debut of The Night King from Brandt Peters X Cardboard Spaceship

    I have a confession to make:  I've never been in the attic of my house.  Sharon and I have owned this thing for nearly six years and my eyes have never gazed upon the pink insulation; my lungs have never breathed in the unnaturally humid air.  I have no idea what is up there, and I tried looking once, but the access point is just a hole with a board over it sans ladder.  We have high top kitchen chairs that I used to stand on but they weren't tall enough to grant me even a peek.  I have grand notions of there being something profound up there, but it's probably filled with nothing but weird animal droppings and maybe a human skull or two.

   Now I have lived in a house before that had bats living in the attic but I only found that out when they came out and hung from the curtains in our kitchen.  I like bats though, and I love this new Night King figure from Brandt Peters X Cardboard Spaceship.  This dude is debuting on Friday, May 6th in two different colorways, Candy Corn and Half Dead and every one purchased through comes signed by Brandt.  Oh, and this figure is eight inches tall and sells for only $58.  That's a deal, son!!!!

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