Thursday, May 12, 2016

The First Ever 5 Inch Dunny from Sekure D x Kidrobot

    The world is full of firsts, not all of which are awesome.  Sure you're first kiss or your first car are great memories, but then they get counteracted with things like your first arrest, or your first extra nipple.  But wouldn't you kill to go back in time and get the first ever set of Dunnys that were released?  That's a pretty cool first, and you can sort of kind of relive that moment on Friday, May 13th when the first ever 5 inch Dunny from Kidrobot is released!  This inaugural edition was designed by sneaker and toy customizer Sekure D and will be available in two different colorways.  Don't come back to me ten years from now when your 5 inch Dunny collection is only missing this one and it's impossible to find for less than the price of a Volkswagon, cause I don't want to hear it.  I'm trying to get you in on the ground floor cause regrets are for other people.

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