Friday, May 6, 2016

Lust For Life Aurora Fumetsu from Cop A Squat Toys

    I think it has rained in New Jersey for two straight weeks and it has depressed me to no end.  Everything outside is wet and bathed in a dark hue like I've had sunglass lenses surgically implanted in my eyeballs.  All I want to do is listen to The Cure (I hate The Cure) and read Anne Rice books.  My wife is gonna be pissed that I used up her eyeliner.

   Bright colors where have you been?  While absent from the outdoors they are plentiful in these Fumetsu figures from Cop A Squat Toys.  This is what I expect it to look like in spring when I'm sipping my Hawaiian Punch in my underwear and watching the birds outside.

    There are only 5 of each style of these dudes available when they go on sale May 6th at 3pm eastern time.  Each will be sold individually only form

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