Thursday, May 17, 2018

Garuma from Gorgoloid x Unusual Creation Club

   While the traditional Japanese Daruma doll is considered to be good luck, this particular version might bring folly rather than fortune.  It's hard to tell with the creations of Gorgoloid, because they don't always look like they have our best intentions in mind.  These little guys produced by Unusual Creation Club are pretty cool though, so I'd take the risk and just order a pair anyway.  Plus, how great is the name Unusual Creation Club?  I don't know if they offer memberships or have a secret handshake, but I'm ready to join.

   If you want to add one or both of these guys to your collection, here's what you have to do:

Email to 
with your info as followings: 
1. Email Title: Garuma Classic Color version
2. Your Full Name
3. Your Shipping Address / Phone Number
4. Your Paypal Address
5. Your Order (red/green/a pair)


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