Tuesday, May 8, 2018

Gauntlet Girl Bust from MaloWrx x Dekorner

    Confession time:  I have not seen the latest Avengers movie.  And to further blow your minds I have only ever seen the first one.  I have seen the Guardians of the Galaxy and the Thor films, but that's only because they either ended up on Netflix or my cable company's on demand library.  See, I'm too cheap for the movie theater and I have been spoiled by the ability the watch things at home and pause them when I have to go to the bathroom, which is an inevitability at this stage of my life. Movies seem to be getting longer while my bladder seems to be getting smaller.  I've said too much.

    So what I know about the new Avengers movie is that there is a big purple Barney looking dude who is obsessed with bedazzling his Power Glove to unlock cheat codes or something.  MaloWrx obviously knows more that I do, because he has taken Reina Koyano's Mag Girl bust and turned it into the ultimate homage to the film.  Only 10 of these custom figures will ever exist and one can be yours starting today at 9am pacific time at www.dekorner.com.

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