Tuesday, May 29, 2018

Mini Muscle Minion Figure from Renone

    I used to have a boat load of these little Muscle figures but I have no idea what happen to them.  I moved around a lot as a kid and after a while I just sort of lost track of things.  Once when we moved to Pennsylvania for what turned out to be a very brief moment, the doors of our Uhaul trailer came open and spilled stuff all over the roadway.  The fabric of our couch cushions was redesigned by over eager tire treads and boxes exploded upon impact sending their contents all over the pavement.  Hindsight would tell us that was a great moment to turn around and call the entire relocation off, but hindsight is an annoying thing who never speaks up at the most opportune times.  He's a jerk.

    Though my collection is long gone I can at least be positive that this guy isn't laying on the side of a highway, destroyed by decades of exposure.  That's because RenOne hadn't invented his Minion character nor this figure yet.  In fact, he's just now offering it up for all of us to own.  Head on over to https://renonelab.bigcartel.com and choose the color you want of these made to order figures and then wait patiently by your mailbox for it to arrive.  He's even taking color requests if there's one you just can't live without.  Just don't be weird about it by asking for something like "Grateful Dead Parking Lot Cheese Sandwich on Acid."

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