Thursday, May 24, 2018

Wonder Goblin for Five Points Fest

   I hope when that sink hole at the White House fully forms that something looking like this pops out of it , spouts off a few quotes from The Mask, and makes most of our problems go away.  Tell me that wouldn't be the greatest thing to ever happen; that some dormant creature of unexplained origins is all like "you know, this has really gotten out of hand" and comes to save us all.  It only quotes The Mask in the throes of battle and is really only interested in the safety of our pop culture, not so much mankind itself.  Who can really blame it.  On a side note I'd like to welcome all my new followers from the various government agencies that have red flagged this post.  

    Of course this is not the means of our reckoning, but the Queen Hagopus from the demented mind of Wonder Goblin.  I'd like to think that upon his birth, after many hour of painful labor, his mother held him in her arms and actually named him Wonder Goblin, but who can say for sure.  What I do know is that he will be bringing that monstrosity you see above with him to Five Points Fest next week along with another dude by the name of Budfoot.

    These are no mere action figures, as they stand 9 inches and 14 inches tall respectively,  meaning you're gonna need to clear some shelf space to take them home.  And if you want to take them home you're gonna need to find yourself at the Brooklyn Expo Center on June 2nd and 3rd to snag these and whatever other madness may pop up at his booth.  


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