Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Christmas Candy Cane Marbled Keshi Franken Corpse from Radioactive Uppercut

   My favorite candy in the world is that Christmas hard candy that only people above the age of 85 seem to know where to get.  I look for it every year and I can never find it.  It usually comes in these big tins and half the time it's all stuck together and you have to break chunks of it off with an ice pick to even eat it.  But once you manage top free a section small enough to fit in your mouth it is beyond worth all the work.  Unless you get one of the spicy ones, then it's like your taste buds were assaulted to the point that a police report should be filed.  Those always end up in the trash where they should have been put in the first place.  

    I like candy canes too though, cause they're like non portion controlled peppermints.  They're the equivalent of half a bag of candy but it's ok to eat it because its the holidays and social norms about sugar consumption are put aside in favor of more rational thinking.  Radioactive Uppercut celebrates this yule tide tradition with his Franken Corpse keshi figure.  He's 3 inches of marbled goodness that probably would taste a whole lot worse than he looks.  Get one right now by visiting http://radioactiveuppercut.storenvy.com.  

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