Thursday, January 28, 2016

Micro Busters Wave 1 from Playful Gorilla x Dads Cartoons

    You know the mashup we haven't seen yet that the world surely needs?  A combo of Iron Man's Hulk Buster and The Iron Shiek, who put Hulk Hogan in the Camel Clutch, broke his back, and made him humble.  I'm just throwing that out there for you resin guys to make happen, just don't forget to give me credit or I will suplex you to death.  I don't know how many suplexes it takes to kill a man, but don't make me find out!

    Back to business.  How friggin cute are these Micro Busters?  Usually everyone who made figures of this dude made him gigantic, but look how awesome he looks with his big ol head in miniature.  I love these so much I'm gonna go ahead and say they are my favorite tribute piece to the Avengers films that I have ever seen.  Go ahead and write that down in your book of feelings cause I said it!  There are 6 different colorways in this collaborative resin figure from Playful Gorilla and Dads Cartoons.  Each figure stands a little under 2 inches tall and will be only $20 including free worldwide shipping.  Free worldwide shipping?  They're accountants must be losing their minds right now!  They will only be available from starting Friday, January 29th.

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