Monday, January 4, 2016

Translucent Grey Hawgmaw Blanks from Missmonster


    I'm not one for resolutions, be it the new year or not, but I was looking forward to my day off to get back into painting some toys I've had laying around forever.  Until I had to go to work cause everyone has death sickness cause they swear flu shots don't work yet here I am, antibodies filling my nooks and crannies, and not the least bit sick.  Which didn't really turn out great for me, because like I mentioned before I had to go into work.  So in reality that flu shot totally screwed my plans for the day and the kicker for that is my insurance didn't even cover it.

    If you are unlike me and actually able to utilize your days off them you should paint toys and allow the rest of us to live vicariously through you. And you can start with this amazing figure by Missmonster called Hawgmaw.  This dude is 7 inches tall, is detailed out the booty, and is ready for you to let your creativity run wild.  Or just leave it blank and appreciate him as he is.  Or just do whatever cause I'm not your life coach and if I was you'd owe me a lot of back pay.  I'll have my secretary tally up the bill.

Get your Hawgmaw on at

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