Friday, January 29, 2016

Preorders Are Open for Brandt Peters x Zectron's "Camazotz" from Unbox Industries

    Do you really think I don't have a bat story?  Of course I have a bat story, and it goes a little something like this:

    When I was a teenager my family and I lived in a very old farmhouse complete with a barn and fields and such.  What also goes well with a very old farmhouse is a slew of uninvited guests that don't really give a crap whether you want them to live with you or not.  Most of us call those "relatives" but when you live in the middle of nowhere they usually involve species much different from you.  One morning my mother woke me up because she was screaming like OJ broke in.  I ran into the kitchen so I could give the police a good description of the assailant before I pleaded for my life and I see her backed into a corner and pointing at the window.  I looked over and the entire curtain rod, from end to end, was lined with bats.  They weren't any bigger than a mouse, but with rabies being an actual problem where I lived (I've even had my shots, which hurt like a mother) the little critters are cute but do pose a danger.  We closed the kitchen off and waited for them to fly back into the attic through the previously unnoticed hole in the plaster and then went about our day.  It was almost as exciting as the time I caught the same snake in my apartment on two different occasions.  But I digress.

      I have no idea where the name Camazotz comes from, but I know this bat dude from Brandt Peters and Zectron is amazing.  Standing at 10 inches tall, this vinyl beauty produced by Unbox Industries is available for preorder right now in two different color schemes at $85 each.  Secure one for yourself by visiting  

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