Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Two New Toys from Super7 Releasing Thursday

     The Pocket Mummy Boy might be my favorite vinyl toy of all time.  Here's how I determined that:  For the most part, I'm not the kind of collector that needs to have a figure in every possible color scheme that he comes in.  I'm usually happy with one or two, then I move on to other things.  As of this writing I have five of these little dudes, which is not a lot by any means, but is more than any other figure that isn't a blind boxed platform toy.  The other reason I could give him the trophy for "Favorite Toy of All Time" is that I never get tired of seeing new versions of him.  Just look at that face!!!!!  You could spatter it with real human blood and I'd still find it adorable.  And he's smiling despite the fact that he's missing most of his right arm.  Some ancient canine could have run off with that thing a long time ago and shoved it under the cushions of a couch and this little dude isn't shook about it.  So what if he can't play the banjo in his Charlie Daniels tribute band?  We could all learn a thing or two from Mummy Boy.

    I didn't even mention the fact that both the Pocket Mummy Boy and the Rose Vampire figure you see below from are cast in premium marbled vinyl, which you all know I love more than any precious gemstone.  These beauties from Super7 will go on sale Thursday, January 28th, at noon pacific time from  Rose Vampire will be $35, while Pocket Mummy Boy will be $25.  

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