Thursday, January 28, 2016

New Releases from doubleparlour this Friday

     As you might have guessed by now, I didn't win the Powerball.  Believe me you would have heard about it if I did, because I had an epic way that I was gonna quit my job.  Not that I dislike my job at all, but I feel if you are a newly declared billionaire there are certain expectations you have to live up to.  One of which is to quit your place of employment in the most epic way possible.  So this was my plan:  I was going to buy a brand new Aston-Martin, carve my letter of resignation on the hood with a hunting knife, and drive that sucker straight through the front door.  I would then get in my newer Aston-Martin that I had delivered there and drive away laughing.  But I'm not all bad, cause I would leave the title to the wrecked one along with enough cash to fix all the damage to the car and business on the front seat.  I think that would make the news.

   I would do good stuff with the money too, like donate most of it to help save all the little critters of the world (except the Kardashians) and have a standing order placed with doubleparlour.  That way I could have one of everything they make for the rest of my life because every new release makes me fall in love with their work all over again.  And I would also have the best mail days ever when they arrived, which is something that could never get old.  You can add new stuff to your collection when they put everything you see here on sale Friday, January 29th, at noon pacific time only through

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