Saturday, April 30, 2016

Introducing "Donny" The Newest Resin Creation from Naomi Knaff

     If you're ever wandering through the woods, as I know many of you are apt to do, and hear a noise that sounds like it could come from this creature, you better run like you just loaded up at the Golden Corral and the nearest toilet is but a lonely speck in the horizon.  See this here is Donny, and despite having a genial name like he would play in your dad's softball league, this dude is all business.  He looks like some sort of devil chicken who's only means of concealing his modesty is one of those bathing suits from Borat (you can Google that if you want to see it, cause there's no way I'm posting a picture of it).  He probably killed Colonel Sanders and has dire intentions for the entire Perdue family.  Did I ever tell you that I met Frank Purdue once at a movie theater?  It was when they released the original Star Wars movies and he and a woman not much older than 30 (dude was like 150 at the time) who looked like she was in training to be a centerfold walked out right behind us and I held the door for him.  His son, who has taken over staring in the tv commercials, was right behind him and had a look that didn't seem to approve of his father's choice in ladies.  I thought he could do worse for a stepmom.



    Naomi Knaff will be releasing her latest resin creature on Sunday, May 1st, at 5pm eastern time only from  This sucker stands 7 inches tall and is solid as a brick.  Pick one up before you watch WWE Payback you'll have the best Sunday ever.  

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