Thursday, April 28, 2016

Mecha Top from Inami Toys

    Remember when toys used to be simple?  Of course you don't, cause that was way before any of us were born.  From what I've heard kids would be thrilled to death with an empty can of beans that they could just kick around in the street, or a pile of rocks that they could throw at each other.  When I was a kid all toys consisted of a thousand plastic parts and stickers that had such strong adhesive that if you messed up their placement you ruined the entire thing.  No wonder I'm so OCD now.

    Let us reflect on the simpler times once again with the Mecha Top from Inami Toys.  Combining the classic game of rock, paper, scissors with the always amusing spinning top, this resin creation is a new fun way to gamble with your friends and take all of their money.  I don't believe in friendly competition.

   These are limited to only 8 pieces and will go on sale April 28th at 8pm eastern time from 

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