Friday, April 8, 2016

ToyCon UK Exclusives from Taylored Curiosities

   My cats have the oddest tastes when it comes to food.   God forbid you try to sneak anything with chicken past their noses, as you might as well have called them an offensive slur.  Our smallest kitten discovered the other day, through no fault of our own, that she has a hankering for baked beans.  We heard the tell tale noise of her licking the sauce off of them and by the time we could get to her she struck like a cobra and made off with a bean.  Thankfully it didn't have the same effect on her that it seems to have on humans.

   Taylored Curiosities will be holding down the fort at Toy Con Uk this weekend by showcasing some customs of her famous bean sets.  She's got some big names to ply their trade on her resin beans and the results cannot only be seen, but also purchased at the show.  Take a gander at a few of my favorites:

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