Monday, April 11, 2016

One of A Kind X- Ray Gnaw 2 from Plaseebo

    Is it normal that every time you have a problem with someone at work you picture them being infested by horrible creatures like this and slowly devoured from the inside out?  I mean, such thoughts are reserved for the truly horrible members of the public who seem to have left their house with the specific goal of making others miserable.  It just seems fitting that they should feel the physical manifestation of how their personality comes across to everyone they encounter.  Of course I'm just asking this for a friend of mine and this in know way reflects my own wishes for such a malady to befall the unpleasant.   **Wink**.

    Plaseebo is unleashing more nightmare fuel into the world with his latest one of a kind creation, the X-Ray Gnaw 2.  This thing has an LED light and a plethora of glow in the dark human body parts, which is something I don't think they sell by the bagful at party supply stores.  Though that would be exactly the type of party I'd be willing to go to.  You can add this guy to your collection when he goes on sale Tuesday, April 12th from

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