Wednesday, April 13, 2016

New Kandy Kaiju Releases from Super7


     I've always had an indifference towards food.  Anything edible was merely there to keep me alive and very little joy was ever had from the act of eating.  Then recently something changed and my gluttony switch was flipped.  Now I'm not only hungry all the time, but meals have taken on the qualities of religious experiences.  How have I gone through life this way only to suddenly crave food?  It's bizarre, and my shirts aren't fitting that well as a result.  It's a one sided love affair.

    Super7 has the perfect solution to my newfound love of food but my need to not buy an entire wardrobe.  As long as the food is plastic, and therefore not digestible, I can have my proverbial box of snack cakes and eat them too (but not really).  And they both glow in the dark, which nothing you eat should ever do.

    Milton and Foster will be on sale starting Thursday, April 14th at noon pacific time through both and their retail locations.


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