Monday, September 12, 2016

Toys R Us Exclusive New Day Pop Vinyls Available Now for Preorder

    New...Day Pops!  New...Day Pops!  Oh, don't you dare be sour cause these New Day Funko Pop! Vinyl figures are up for preorder right now!!!!!  Sold exclusively through Toys R US, this three pack featuring your WWE world tag team champions is set to release the first week in October, but you can secure your set right now, with free shipping in the US, by visiting this link.  Not owning them would be booty to the highest degree.  Booty to the nth power.  So booty that you could not recover from it, as there is no known cure for terminal bootyitis.  So if you don't get them go ahead and alert your loved ones now so they can make your final arrangements.  This whole thing just took a really dark turn.  

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