Friday, September 30, 2016

NYCC Exclusive "JaWabbit" from Flat Bonnie x DKE Toys

    Jawas are the most underrated characters in all of the Star Wars universe.  Those little dudes are cute as hell and they help keep the galaxy clean by recycling all the junk they can into cold hard space credits.  They're like that guy who comes through your neighborhood every week on bulk trash day with his pick up truck looking for scrap metal, except with waaaaaay less prison tattoos.  They are just as likely to cut you though, cause I've never met a short dude in a hoodie that didn't have a temper. 

    Flat Bonnie has taken everyones favorite little intergalactic hustlers and turned them into adorable plush bunnies.  Seriously, these are so cute I could punch myself in the face.  DKE will be selling these exclusively through their New York Comic Con booth #423 next week and they're limited to only 30, of which I want every one.  I have a greed problem.  

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