Tuesday, September 13, 2016

First Full Color Release of "The Worst" Action Figures from Super7

    Let me tell you, when I was a wee lad there was nothing better than finding a good stream and taking all of my GI Joe figures there to play.  I'd spend hours refining the landscape and setting up epic battles and just the thought of it makes me want to go outside and do it again.  How come it's taboo for a grown man to want to play with action figures?  I bet the world would suck a lot less if we did. Hell, we've convinced adults that coloring books are therapeutic, so why can't you play with toys outside without the neighbors thinking you're a freak?  

   There's only so many times that you can take Cobra Commander to jail, allow him to be rescued, and start the whole process all over again before you start to question his abilities as an evil villain.  That's where The Worst come in.  They are comprised of the most sinister evil doers known to mankind and are ready to tear things up.  But I know you can't choose just one of these bad bros from Super7 to add to your collection, and on Wednesday, September 14th just before the stroke of midnight you won't have to.  Because you can get all six carded figures for only $90.  These things demand to be opened and played with, so you'll probably want two sets so you can continue to admire the killer artwork by Ed Repka in their original, unspoiled state.  Get em at www.super7store.com.

This dude is by far my favorite.

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