Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Grimebrute Kickstarter Campaign from Gorgoloid

    If you're looking for a toy to win you The Little Miss Texas pageant this ain't your girl.  If you're looking for something to scare people that are into weird crap like putting makeup on kids and parading them around like show ponies, then may I present to you your new best friend.  This is Grimebrute, a 9 inch tall hunk of plastic nightmare from Gorgoloid.   Before you go cleaning off shelf space he's gonna need you to do a different sort of work.  See, this dude is on Kickstarter right now trying to raise the funds to be put into production.  You have to go to this link, purchase yourself some swanky rewards, and help this thing startle people around the world when they get up to pee at night.

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