Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Custom Cinema Monsters from Mutant Vinyl Hardcore x Secretoy Releasing Tonight


    We are completely out of American heroes.  Think about it, who is left that isn't dead or scandalized?  People used to tremble at the sight of Uncle Sam and now we got Vladamir Putin making our president look like a sissy at every turn, while China gives us irritable bowels at the thought of them cashing in our debt.  We have to take back the glory that is the American machine.  And how do we do that without an inspiring figure head with which we can rally behind?

    Give the bald eagle a rest and say hello to Mutant Vinyl Hardcore's awesome take on Secretoy's Cinema Monster.  This crazy freak is decked out in the ol red, white, and blue and glows like a beacon of freedom in the darkest of nights.  There's not lottery to enter if you want one of these, you just have to pray that you're quick enough when they go on sale at 8pm eastern time tonight at  These are sold blind bagged with two slightly different versions you could get, or you could score the ultimate one off that is sporting a sick beard and different color scheme.


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