Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Preorder Some Custom Grody Quackers from Candie Bolton x Lulubell Toys

    Let me tell you, if you collect toys and have kids you better have a secure set up for your collection.  I don't have any human kids, but our feline children have required us to buy sturdy display cases that have locks.  And they look pretty pro anyway, so I'm not that shook about it, but you gotta invest in security if you don't want to have teeth marks in your expensive stuff.  Now with human babies you gotta worry about them stealing your stuff and tossing it all in the toilet.  Is there any kid that didn't do that?  I remember tossing some of my mom's makeup down the toilet along with my Han Solo in Hoth gear figure.  There was no way I was letting him pilot the Millenium Falcon in a snow suit, because that implies that the iconic ship didn't have heat and I wasn't buying it.  So I flushed him.  Or I attempted to, because Han Solo and a handful of lipsticks will evidently wreck your pipes and cause a filthy water flood.  I told my mom I was sorry, but she was all like "You're 32, you shouldn't be doing this crap anymore."  She's so judgmental.

    You know there's not a kid out there that isn't gonna wanna play with these Grody Quackers.  They were practically made to toss in the nearest body of water you can find, so keep these suckers out of reach.  Candie Bolton customized these twisted bath tub friends and they are available for preorder right now from Lulubell Toys.   The preorder ends this Friday or when supplies run out, and as affordable as they are for a custom toy there's no reason they won't sell out.  Get em at http://www.lulubelltoys.com

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