Friday, September 11, 2015

Skinner x Leecifer Hand Painted Picklebabies Dropping Today

    I have a lot of things that I suspect may be haunted in my house.  It's bound to happen when you are drawn to coolecting weird stuff that may or may not have once been housed in a now dead human being.  You think I don't have a jar of my wife's great grandmother's gallstones, just chilling in the living room?  Or an antique glass eye that may or may not have been willingly given up by its long dead German owner?  I like my knick knacks like I like my women; riddled with a sketchy past (Sharon's gonna hit me for that one).  Now I'm not crazy mind you and if I think something might be housing some poltergeist with a crappy attitude I can easily walk away.  Unless it has a really sick patina, cause God knows I love a patina.

    I'm convinced Skinner is only interested in painting haunted toys and now I have photographic evidence to prove it:

    How is this little antique person holding a Picklebaby that was created even before Leecifer, the father of all Picklebabies was born?  What madness has conceived the creation before the creator?  What messed up relative bought this girl such a bizarre looking doll baby for Christmas?  Those answers may lie deep in a New England grave, but on this very day you can become the newest caretaker of the Picklebaby, guarding its secrets and succumbing to its most vile demands.  

    There are 8 of these available beginning at noon pacific time only from  They are $100 each in human money (no eternal souls will be accepted as payment at this time - Management)

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