Friday, September 18, 2015

Skull Jinmenken from Awesome Toy is Available Now!

    I sometimes get worried that I'm gonna come home and find cats in the house that I don't recognize.  I have five of them that I'm responsible for, but I feel that's pretty close to the number where you start to not realize new ones that move in.  When we lived in our first apartment there were some neighborhood cats that we fed and were pretty happy to see us everyday.  One was so happy that when I opened the door to leave for work he hauled his little fuzzy behind right past me and hid under the bed.  For one, I didn't know how he knew where the bed was unless he had been casing the joint.  And two, there was no way I could not get him back out for fear that my wife wake up and find a strange feline spooning her.  The thing about this cat too was that he always looked like he just had a UFC fight, cause one day he'd have a dangle tooth and the next part of his ear and tail was missing.  I kicked him back out, but ever since then I've had this irrational fear of strange cats moving in unbeknownst to me.  I don't think there's an actual clinical term for it, but when there is I better get credit for it or I'll sue everyone.

    I do have a distinct lack of dogs in the house, so I'd probably noticed if all of a sudden I had one.  I'd be more than happy to have one of these dogs from Awesome Toy call my shelf home, and it just so happens that they're available right now.  You can be the proud new owner of your very own Skull Jinmenken by following these easy instructions:

If you are interested please email the following info to

1. Your Full Name
2. Your Shipping Address / Phone Number
3. Your Paypal Address

One address can purchase one figure only. Shipping is expected in the next week.

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