Monday, January 9, 2017

Josh Mayhem's "Blown Away" 100% Bearbrick Series 1

    It's that time of year again where I get to complain about the rigors of shoveling snow.  I spent a small portion of yesterday digging out our cars, then spent a longer portion taking a nap so that my heart didn't explode through my rib cage.  I like the snow when it's coming down and I can safely watch it from the comfort of my living room, but having to shovel it or drive in it kinda ruins the good parts. And I don't have any entrepreneurial neighbor kids that are armed with their parent's shovels and looking to make money.  They're all lazy little bums.  Oh, and their music sucks too!  This now completes my old man rant for today.

    Josh Mayhem never has to shovel snow because he lives in California.  They do have earthquakes and wildfires though, so I guess it evens out.  When he's not battling uncontrollable blazes or hiding out in doorways to avoid falling debris, he's making toys that look like they're having the color blown right off of them.  His latest series involve 100% Bearbricks and you can buy yourself one of these beauties tomorrow (which is Tuesday the 10th) at 10am pacific time from  They are limited to 24 pieces, sold blind box style, and will probably not last as long as it took you to read this.  

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