Wednesday, January 4, 2017

The Clinical Clearance from Tenacious Toys

    It's clinical! It's systematic!  It's down right precise!  It's The Tenacious Toys Clinical Clearance Sale!!!!!!!  

     There's nothing like saving money and getting cool stuff that you want.  America was pretty much founded on those principals, and a couple of others that escape me right now, but that's the important one anyway.  Right now everything that is part of the sale is 25% off by using the code CLINICAL, and each week through the end of the month a new code will get sent to email subscribers and the discount will be even bigger.  You could try your luck and hope that the item you want will make it all the way to 55% off, but not every item will be so lucky.  Certain toys will be removed every week and of course some will sell out before coming close to the end.  So are you feeling lucky?  Head over to, sign up for their email list, peruse everything that's on sale, and treat yo' self!   

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