Thursday, January 19, 2017

New WWE Pop Vinyl from Funko

    Ooooooooh I love me some wrasslin.  I'm on a sports entertainment high note, because in a few weeks I'm gonna see NXT two nights in a row and I just found out Ring of Honor and New Japan Pro Wrestling are going to be in Philadelphia in May, which will be amazing.  I'm already too pumped and may have to go hit a neighbor with a steel chair.  

    Before I go and commit felony assault I'll tell you about the newest WWE superstars to be immortalized in Pop Vinyl form by Funko.  There's Kane, which I would have preferred the full mask  version, but that's just me being a nerd, and Shawn Michaels, who is to blame for me wanting to deliver "Sweet Chin Music" to every irritating soul I come across.  Believe me, they deserve it.

    These are both Walgreens exclusives so start looking for your nearest one now.  

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