Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Halcon Falcon Series 4 from Argonaut Resins

    I don't get how falconry works.  From what it looks like you just have to get a big leather glove, stand on top of a hill with your arm outstretched, and wait for a bird of prey to land on you.  Then you put a little mask on him while the bird is all "crap, I can't believe I fell for that after making fun of Mitch for the same thing."  Then you have an awesome falcon that is bonded to you for life and is sworn to do your bidding.  Think of the hijinks that will ensue!  Of course I could have just done a a Google search to learn about how it works but for one, I like the way I presented it better and two, the Internet is filled with those alternative facts and I'm not looking to be made a fool.

    The bird is indeed the word when Argonaut Resins releases series 4 of his Halcon Falcon resin figures tonight.  There's 10 different ones, they each stand nearly 3 inches tall, and they go on sale Tuesday, January 24th at 9pm eastern time only at http://argonautresins.bigcartel.com.

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