Friday, May 11, 2012

The Dudebox Store is Open for Business

    Dudebox just had a killer launch party for their new vinyl toy company last night in England, and while many of us were not able to attend, we can now reap the benefits by purchasing EVERYTHING online.  They have blank Dudes that you can add your own artistic flare to, as well as production pieces that are huge, colorful, and destined to be a hit with collectors.

    Or do you prefer your figures a bit smaller and with a bit of mystery?  Well, they have 2 blind boxed series as well.  What's really exciting about this company is that they are introducing us to different artists than we're usually accustomed to in the vinyl toy world.  Sure there are some names that are involved that we all know, like Pete Fowler and Attaboy, but it's their willingness to step outside of that conventional group of toy artists and create just well designed products that truly sets them apart.  Check them out at

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