Saturday, May 12, 2012

New Releases from Splurrt Dropping on Mother's Day

    Are you tired of cute toys?  Do you wish you could find something out there that would scare most small children?  Are you a big fan of stitched up wounds in plastic form?  Then have I got something for you just in time for Mother's Day!!!  Splurrt is releasing some new toys tomorrow and I'm breaking my usual "no blogging on the weekends" rule to tell you about them.  First up is the MVH version of Cadaver Kid.  These are blind boxed and you have chance of scoring 1 of 3 special one off editions.  This creepy little bro can be yours for $75.

    Now we have my favorite little dude, Diggler.  This is the Forrest edition and you can score one of these for $40.  Have you ever wanted to own a mangled-faced cyclops more?  I didn't think so.  Get em both tomorrow at noon by going to  I was gonna say something about these guys having faces only a mother could love, but it seemed too easy with the holiday and all.

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