Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Nathan Jurevicius x Kidrobot Misko Series

    Wooden toys are a neat thing. Their materials are completely sustainable and they are reminiscent of many of our childhoods. You know, the childhoods before we discovered BB guns and fireworks. Once we learned about shooting things and making them blow up, we lost the the innocence that such objects offered us. I'm gonna make myself get all teary eyed and whatnot.

    Nathan Jurevicius and Kidrobot are here to give our nostalgia a kick in the pants with the new Misko blind box series. These adorable wooden owls have interchangeable heads and collars and are only $9.95 each. They're available March 24th so take the day off from work, break out your carpet square, and lay on the floor playing with these guys until you fall asleep. Ahhhh, the days before we had responsibilities.

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