Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Shawnimals Presents Rainbow Takeout

    You know what this world needs in our time of economic uncertainty? We need plus hides and we need them on the cheap! Who else could answer the call but Shawnimals and what could be more plushy and awesome than pork dumplings? Now, I don't recommend hitting up the old buffet and snuggling the real thing, but I entirely encourage you to buy a boatload of these little guys and fill your bathtub with them. What happens beyond that is your business, but it would be an awesome start.

    Shawnimals presents the Rainbow Takeout series, which feature a plethora of colors for you to collect. For $18 you get 3 randomly chosen 2 inch dumplings in a little take out box. This is an open release, so you can buy all you want all the time. Get 'emright now by going here.

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