Friday, May 18, 2012

MAD x Pobber Toys Dr. Morkenstein Pajama Edition

    To truly understand the mind of an evil genius, it is important to see them in their bed clothes.  Ok, so maybe that's not entirely true, but it does give insight into whether they are straddling that line that separates crazy and brilliant.  Check out MAD's Dr. Morkenstein in his younger days, ready for bed and dreams of world domination.  This guy was made by the fine folks at Pobber Toys and will be going on sale next week.  There will only be 150 pieces made of the good doctor doing his best Hugh Hefner impersonation, and they will be $65 each.  Oh, and his pj's come complete with a bum flap for doing his evil business.  I for one have never required the use of a trap door in my pants, nor do I fully grasp the benefits of it, but they are fun to laugh about.

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