Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Brutherford Presents Bite Sizs Ice Scream Man

    I've known these mini treats we're in the works for some time, but now I can finally share with you the important details. Brutherford Industries has created these tasty looking Bite Size Ice Scream Men and they are going to be blind boxed! But this isn't a typical blind box release where thousands of them were made and you'll eventually be able to buy them on discount websites. These guys are extremely limited, as in there are only 45 cases of 12 made. For those of you bad at math (or that are too lazy to use the calculator on your computer) that's only 540 skull-shaped scoops. You can check out the ratios here to see the odds of getting each one:

    These go on sale June 29th at 3pm Eastern for $15 per blind box or $165 for a case of 12. Brutherford Industries will also be represented in our first ever custom toy show at Jinxed Philly on August 4th.

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