Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Super7: Gorilla Biscuits and Lucky Bags

    The Gorilla Biscuits will be headlining the 25th anniversary shows for Revelation Records this week and for you die hard fans they teamed up with Super7 to offer something pretty cool at their merch table. This 4 inch tall version of their mascot is pretty killer and will be available on June 8th at the show in Pomona, California. But never fear ye who can not make it to the west coast, cause on June 14th you'll be able to get one online in the Super7 web store. They'll be $65 and come in a cool gift box.

    Ok, since we're on the subject of anniversaries, it's time to celebrate the 11 year milestone of Super7 themselves. They're throwing a big party on June 9th, which also happens to be my wife's birthday (happy birthday Sharon I love you and I'll clean the cat boxes in just a sec). At the party you'll have the chance to buy a Lucky Bag that will contain 9 random figures. You could get hand painted ones, prototypes, and all kinds of other plastic craziness. Each bag will be $300 and if by chance there are any left over they will be put online at 10pm that night. Again, it seems it pays to live in California, cause God knows New Jersey has never afforded me the pleasure of awesome exclusive toys. Get with the program Garden State!

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