Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Plants Vs. Zombies Pop! Vinyl from Funko

    You know what I love about Pop! Vinyl figures from Funko? Well for one, they're awesome. For two, they're affordable. And for three, you stumble upon them at a ton of different stores so if you're ever going through toy withdrawal you can easily get your fix by picking up a few of these guys. No one wants to go into convulsions from toy withdrawal, let me tell you. It's not pretty.

    These are some of the latest figures in the ever expanding Pop! Vinyl universe. It's Plants vs. Zombies!!!!!! See, now these are zombies I can be ok with, cause they don't look like they would drip all over the place. Seriously, I know people that are obsessed with zombies, but you'd never want a real zombie in your house. The eating your brins thing is a problem, but even worse is they would get their rotten goop on your funiture. And forget trying to eliminate the smell of some reanimated corpse hanging about. Your property value would free fall just cause you thought zombies were cool and wanted to be a weirdo about it and invite them to hang out. Now that "I Love Zombies" bumper sticker on your friend's Hyundai seems a bit silly now doesn't it?

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