Thursday, June 28, 2012

Kuso Vinyl Goes Green for San Diego Comic Con

    Ok, I am rarely blown away by the color composition of a toy. Usually it's the design that gets me hooked, but with this guy I am completely smitten with the jade finish. This is a resin version of Jesse Hernandez's Mictlan figure and is an exclusive for Kuso Vinyl at San Diego Comic Con. Only 25 of these beautiful figures were made and they will cost $150 each. I don't know who did the casting on these but it is mind blowing how close to jade this looks.

    Keeping that green theme going, this is the Absinthe version of Doktor A's Chester Runcorn. Only 100 pieces of this figure paying tribute to the green fairy exist and can be owned for only $65. Sugar cube not included. If you're going to Comic Con make sure to pay a visit to Kuso to snag up these exclusives.

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