Friday, June 15, 2012

Play Imaginative Presents a Plethora of Plastic

    You like what I did with the title of this post, I know ya do. You know what I like? I like all the new toys that Play Imaginative has coming out this summer. First up is this series of Happy Tree Friends Trexis. I haven't heard from this murderous creatures in quite awhile, but if you look at the backs of the figures you quickly remember how demented they are. If you've never seen this cartoon before you should look it up cause it will make you smile. Or puke.

    All of these toys were made by Devilrobots and do not suck. There's an entire series of Color Pop To-Fu figures, a To-Fu Trexi, and my absolute favorite, Evirob!! I've wanted one of these guys for a long time and now there will be 3 different ones I can get. I want them all cause they kinda look like little Vikings, and in case you haven't noticed that's kinda my thing. Take my money now!

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