Friday, June 15, 2012

Win A Rare Compound Hulk Figure to Celebrate New York Comic Con

    Tickets are on sale right now for this years New York Comic Con  and I wanted to do a little something because I am sooooooooooo looking forward to it.  At last year's convention Hasbro had an exclusive red/green compound Hulk figure available and I just so happen to have saved one since then.  It's been sitting in my office, unopened, begging to be given away, so let's do a contest.  Follow me @TheToyViking on Twitter and tweet to me "Hulk Smash".  Don't have Twitter?  Then follow me on Facebook and post on my wall the same phrase.  One lucky winner will get this uber rare figure sent to them from me.  You'll probably get some cat hair in the box as well because our little ones are shedding like crazy.  But hey, bonus for you right?  Don't forget to go to right now and get your tickets to this show.

    I'll announce the winner next Friday so that way everyone has plenty of time to enter.

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