Thursday, June 7, 2012

Kidrobot Dunny 2012 Series Releases June 21st

    I am officially excited that the time has come yet again for me to spend all my money, sit on the floor, and open a ton of new toys with folks that are just as obsessed as I am.  That's right, the Dunny 2012 Series from Kidrobot releases June 21st and as per usual I will be parking my behind at Jinxed in Philadelphia and pretending it's Christmas morning.  I've been doing the whole trading party thing for a few releases now and it is a really interesting experience if you've never done it.  You get new toys, get to meet new people, and you can trade away all the old doubles you've accumulated.  It's like a social flea market, but with less taxidermy.
    If you're in the Philadelphia area you can come and barter for toys with me or you can check out a shop that's closer to you.  Either way make sure you check out a trading event because it does add a whole other level of excitement to a blind box release.

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