Friday, June 29, 2012

DKE Exclusives for San Diego Comic Con

    I'm actually nervous to make this post because I know as soon as I do, DKE will announce more exclusives for San Diego Comic Con and I'll feel dumb.  But I honestly couldn't wait any longer after I saw that gem pictured above.  That is the green colorway of the David Flores Deathead figure as featured on Hellfire Canyon Club Merch.  My Lord that thing is amazing.  This version is limited to 50 pieces and will be $100 each.  I'd smack your grandma for one of these.

     On the lighter and fluffier side of things, you could pick up these flocked Treeson figures from Crazy Label and Bubi Au Yeung.  For $40 they'll let you snuggle one and even take it home with you.  

    OMG more CrappyCat figures!!!!!!! These are the CrapZombies by Van Beater and you could own this dynamic duo for only $20.  I've got $5 that says you wake up one night with them nibbling on your pinky toes.  Just sayin.  

    You want some cool, hand made, resin figures?  Yeah, well I guess Healeymade will be happy to hook you up with one of these guys for $80.  Get your wrassle on!!!!

     Birds are fascinating creatures.  Did you know that crows can remember people's face for up to two years?  If you piss one off I wouldn't bother washing my car, cause you're just asking for retribution.  These guys were hand painted by Mr. Clement and can be yours for the tidy sum of $45. 

     Nerds and bbq enthusiasts, you are both represented here in this exclusive Android set from Andrew Bell.  That guy with the grill seems to be covered in an abundance of blood, so I can't imagine what on earth he is cooking.  Bring them $25 and a wet nap stat!

     Still hungry for handmade?  Then pick up this little dead bro from Mike Egan.  For $45 he promises to ward off the bad juju.

     I'm out of breath.  I have finally reached the end and it is a doozy.  This hunk of gold awesomeness is by Erick Scarecrow and he costs $140.  Oh, and there's only 18 of them available.  18!!!!!!!!!!!  That's less than the amount of doctors that have worked on Joan River's face!!!!!

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