Friday, April 10, 2015

Help Kickstart Luke Chueh's Dissected with Clutter Magazine x Unbox Industries

    All these years I bet you thought that Bears had special bear-shaped skeletons underneath all that fur.  I bet you wish you paid better attention in biology class cause bears are made with human skeletons inside of them.  I thought everyone knew that but apparently the public education system has once again failed us.  Thankfully Luke Chueh has enlisted the help of Clutter Magazine and Unbox Industries to help spread some learning around the world that is so desperately needed.  This figure is on Kickstarter right now and SURPRISE it's already been funded!!!!  That means that you won't be disappointed when you pledge your cash now cause its guaranteed to happen!  Now the stretch goals are starting to become unlocked, giving you even more cool stuff to go along with your severed head.  Check it out at this link.  

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