Wednesday, April 15, 2015

A New "Keep Watch" Mummy Boy from Mishka x Super7

    Could you imagine how impractical it would be if our entire heads were just one big eyeball?  We'd never have any of those good fighting videos on Youtube because as soon as someone got poked it would be over.  Giant monocles would probably be really expensive for people that needed vision correction, not to mention putting eye drops in would be a two man job.  And pink eye would probably be fatal.  Thus concludes my argument for us to maintain the two little eyes we have and not wish for a big, all encompassing one.  Stop your wishing!

    The Keep Watch Mummy Boy from Mishka and Super7 is however a pro at keeping his neighborhood safe.  Nothing gets passed him, unless it occurs when he's making one of his very slow, energy draining blinks.  Then you could pretty much clean a house out and have half of the merchandise sold on Craigslist before he knew what happened.  You can get this unintentional peeping tom for your home tomorrow when he goes on sale at  

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