Friday, March 11, 2016

"Purple Heart" BC Blasters from James Groman x Toy Art Gallery

    I'm thinking that if the dinosaurs had been packing heat like this that they'd still be running the show to this day.  They'd go to museums and look at human skeletons, talking about how their superior fire power wiped us from the face of the earth.  Thank God for us their little pea brains weren't big enough to actually invent anything like gunpowder, or nuclear weaponry.  We will happily rid ourselves from the earth thank you very much lizard face.  

    James Groman's reptiles of mass destruction have returned in this limited "Purple Heart" edition.  Toy Art Gallery will begin offering these dudes on Friday, March 11th at noon pacific time.  Get one for $35 or the whole squad for $140.  These will only be available from

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