Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Tiki Geekwok from UME Toys

   I've been thinking I need a new hobby for my days off other than being depressed.  While it sounds like the greatest to my teenage inner self, I could be out there having more fun at the expense of others, which is the best kind of happiness.  So I've been inspired by this toy to carve bizarre wooden idols and place them randomly along the side of the road.  I basically just want to start a panic that pagans have moved into the area and may or may not be trying to unravel the moral fiber of the citizens.  This would probably work better if I didn't live in New Jersey, because everyone here is a Godless heathen who are too jaded to be truly effected by my artistic endeavor.  Back to depression it is!

    I'm just kidding of course.  About being depressed, not the people of New Jersey.  I stand by that.  UME Toys is about to unleash the newest incarnation of his GeekWok figure, this time in tiki form.  Add some cuteness to your collection when these drop on April 8th at 9pm London time, which I love to type cause it feels so fancy!  These will only be available through

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